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We saw a well-known problem in the group home industry, but we thought about solving it in a new way.
Caregivers don’t earn the wages that they deserve, and they work extremely long hours.
So they don’t show up to work, or quit altogether!
To fill open shifts, employers spend heavily on overtime and staffing services.
And resident suffer the consequences of inconsistent care.
So we had an idea. Why not build a platform where….
Employers could fill open shifts and cut costs.
Caregivers could earn higher wages and have more flexible schedules.
And residents could receive higher quality care.
That’s our vision: a fair, convenient, and human care industry!
To achieve that vision, we empower caregivers and group homes with a tool that makes care equitable and reliable so the ones we care about are taken CareOff.
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We’re thinking about a well-known problem in a whole new way.

After 14 years in the staffing and recruiting industry, our founder experienced firsthand how persistent staffing shortages in group homes lead to: 


Tracking each employee’s availability and crafting schedules takes too much time


Overtime wages and staffing services are too expensive


Despite the time, effort, and money spent to fill open shifts, some openings still go unfilled, when employers exhaust all alternatives or when scheduled workers do not show up.

We had an idea. Why not build a new scheduling platform that helps…



Save time and Money



Have more control over their schedules



Receive high-quality care

That’s our vision: a fair, convenient, and human group home industry.

To achieve that vision, we empower caregivers and group homes with the technology to make care consistent and reliable.

To begin to address these issues, Nitin assembled a team of experts in technology, communication, and the industry.

“There are four kinds of people in the world: Those who have been caregivers; those who currently are caregivers; those who will be caregivers; and those who will need caregivers”.
- Rosalyn Carter

Our Team

Nitin Awte


Raj Girimaji

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Brunt

Product Designer

Ajay Menon

Software Engineer

Enza Alessandra Mammoli De Pinto

Marketing Manager

Sahil Bathla

Senior Software Consultant

Liang Yan

Senior iOS Engineer

Stephen Campbell

Research and Communications Manager

Varun Koppana

Software Engineer

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