Frequently Asked Questions

Caregiver FAQs

Caregivers help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in facility live fulfilling lives. They assist residents with getting dressed in the morning, running errands, and participating in social events, among other tasks. “Sometimes, caregivers are called direct support professionals.”

To register as a caregiver on CareOff, you must pass a background check, but no training is required.
The organizations that you work with will prepare you for each job.

No, you can register and use CareOff for free.

Yes, CareOff allows you to control your schedule. You pick the time and place of your next assignment

No, you decide how many hours you work each week.

When you create a CareOff profile, we will ask for your bank account information. After each shift that you work, you’ll get paid within three days.

No. CareOff will connect you to different facility , but you are a self-employed  independent contractor, not an employee.

You have control over your employment while using CareOff. You can accept, reject, or cancel an assignment.

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own payroll taxes. CareOff will not deduct these expenses from your paychecks. For more information, we recommend you speak with a qualified tax accountant, tax attorney, or the Internal Revenue Service. Learn how to file taxes as an independent contractor here:

Yes, every CareOff caregiver must undergo an extensive background check.

For questions about a work shift, contact the facility that posted the assignment. For questions regarding the CareOff app or website, contact us here.

Employer FAQs

Currently, the CareOff platform is only available to facility that assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

You can register your facility here and start posting open shifts that you need to fill.

No, registration with CareOff is free of charge.

Post an open shift on CareOff and it will be viewable by our pool of qualified caregivers.

The time it takes for a caregiver to respond to your shift depends on the services needed and the number of caregivers in your area. You will be most successful if you provide as much advance notice as possible.

Yes, every CareOff caregiver must undergo an extensive background check.

After each shift, you will be able to rate caregivers and they will be able to rate you.