A Message from Our Founder: Why I quit my job!



After 14 years in the recruiting industry, including 3 lucrative years as an executive in the healthcare staffing, I quit my job. 

Why? I saw problems in the residential care home industry that I couldn’t ignore.

Group homes spend tons of money to fill open shifts, with harmful effects on their workers and their residents.

Because of staffing shortages and no-shows, employers constantly ask direct support professionals (DSPs) to work overtime.

The resulting stress and burnout, as well as low wages, drive DSP turnover and vacancies higher.

I wanted to make a difference and disrupt this vicious cycle. That’s when I decided to turn my life upside down and launch a new venture called CareOff.

Through the CareOff platform, DSPs will earn more, residents will get the care they need, and employers will fill open shifts without excessive, wasteful spending.

If you’re ready to help us achieve this vision, follow us on our social channels and stay tuned for details.

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