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Employers often feel like they have limited options to address staffing challenges. When schedulers and managers need to fill open shifts, they typically rely on overtime wages or staffing agencies. These costly strategies prevent group homes from making needed investments in the workforce, which would help fill (and prevent) vacant positions.

CareOff is addressing these well-known challenges in the group home industry with a new approach. This innovative technology will help employers optimize their existing workforce and find supplemental staff without breaking the bank.

Scheduling Tools for the 21st Century

Even as employers schedule workers for overtime shifts, the workforce is not fully optimized—one in four direct support professionals works part time.

Of course, many of these workers are part time for personal reasons. They might be enrolled in school or they might take care of children or other family members, among countless other reasons. However, some workers are part time because they cannot find full time work. They are available to work, but they cannot piece together enough hours.

These workers might be underutilized in part because tracking the availability of each individual worker week after week is challenging for employers, especially when supervisors spend too much time managing last-minute staffing emergencies and, in some cases, providing direct support to residents themselves.

CareOff helps employers overcome this challenge by giving caregivers more control over their schedules. Here’s how it works: an employer posts an open shift on the CareOff platform, which then sends a notification to employees. Workers can express their interest, which allows supervisors to review their qualifications and, if needed, to speak to the interested employee in a video call. Once the supervisor confirms the worker for an open shift, they can use the app’s tracking feature to make sure the employee shows up at the right time and place.

Using CareOff, schedulers and managers can replace calling, texting, and emailing with just a few clicks, while also improving their chances of filling a shift.

Reliable Staffing Services That Save Money

As well as scheduling tools, CareOff also offers supplemental staffing services that are truly affordable. Our technology helps caregivers and employers easily manage every aspect of filling open shifts, which keeps administrative expenses remarkably low, especially as compared to traditional staffing services. We pass those savings on to workers and group homes in the form of higher wages and lower prices.

The process of finding a replacement CareOff caregiver is almost the same as finding an available employee. The employer would just indicate that they are seeking an external worker versus an internal employee. Before CareOff caregivers can use the app, they must undergo a background check. Once caregivers express their interest in a shift, employers can review each candidate’s resume and schedule short video interviews to find the caregiver with the right skills and experience. Caregivers are held accountable to show up for their shifts through CareOff tracking services, and employers can rate caregivers after each shift. (Caregivers rate employers, too.)

Through CareOff, employers save time and money, workers get the hours and compensation that they need, and residents benefit from consistent, quality care. If that sounds appealing to you, join the CareOff network today.

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